U-he Repro-1 VS SCI Pro One

Excellent comparison video of this AMAZING  SCI Pro One emulation by U-he.

If you like the Pro One as much as I do …you’ll LOVE the Repro – 1 .

As many instances as your processor can handle AND portable !

Great time to be alive 🙂

Plugin of the week Model 458a by House of Kush


I happened to be in the midst of mixing a lot of tracks at the same time and half way of the process this thing came around. Downloaded it immediately and “HOLY FVCK !” it sounded GREAT on everything (channels , bus , instruments , effects).

It sounded so great that I went back into the mixes that were already done …..just to add this !

What’s nice too is to put the Omega N transformer either right before or after the 458A.

Download the demos and see for yourself 🙂